Rainfall expected in Delhi, Monsoon to arrive soon

Rainfall expected in Delhi, Monsoon to arrive soon

Monsoon could arrive early in Delhi this year, which will be a relief for all the citizens who have been suffering the intense heat wave since May. The Indian Meterological Department has stated that the city is going to experience some respite since May and Monsoon is expected on June 20 2018. Today, the weather has been cloudy, with a balmy breeze blowing in the morning. The humidity is at 43% and there are strong chances of rainfall today. Palam region in Delhi reached a temperature of 42.9 degree Celsius. Safdarjung observatory experienced 41.6 degree Celsius. However, there are chances that the temperature around Delhi-NCR is going to drop, as today the temperature has been gone done to 39 degrees, with the threat of rain.

Delhi-NCR has been experiencing fluctuations in weather for months, and experienced the worst of dust storms that ravaged North India in May. It also caused injuries to over 150 people. The IMD department issued a warning against going out of the house during the storm, keeping away from electric devices and helping others who might have suffered injuries due to the wreckage.

Monsoon has already arrived in Kerala Coast, three days before the official date set by the IMD department. Heavy rainfalls have been forecast for weeks to come, and it is expected to deliver the 80% of rainfall that is essential for the crops to grow and flourish.

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