Protests against South Korea and US begin major air drill

Protests against South Korea and US begin major air drill

People protests on Monday, as South Korea and the US, began a major joint air drill. Which shows the strength of following latest missile test of North Korea conducted a few days before. People came out today and gathered near the US embassy in Seoul to protest against this war and demand to make ideas to resolve these crises peacefully. According to the South Korean Defence Ministry, the drills, which is named “Vigilant Ace”, seeks to improve the weather, day and night combined, operational capacity of the South Korea and USA. Tha local media said that this year’s operation marks the two countries’ largest joint air drills with more than 230 aircraft and some 12,000 troops in participation were ever recorded.

On Saturday, the US deployed conclude over two dozen stealth fighter jets, including F-22s and F-35s, and two strategic B-1B bombers in the manoeuvers. The major joint drills were set to the attacks on nuclear facilities.

In October, the agreement was held between Washington and Seoul, which having the aim of expanding US strategic asset’s, ‘rotational deployment’ on the Korean peninsula and pressuring North Korea nuclear programme, also this operation is part o the same agreement. On November 29, North Korea launched a most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-15 rocket, to strike the US with nuclear weapons.

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