Bigg Boss 11: Arshi and Aakash have a fight, Hina to lose friends

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi and Aakash have a fight, Hina to lose friends

Bigg Boss has now come more than halfway to its season length and the relationships among the Gharwalas have become fraught with fights and jealousies, in which even friends have now become suspicious of each other. Now, it seems the friendships are going to get even more vulnerable as the new clips released by COLORS TV show that Priyank and Hina Khan have had a falling out and Priyank is seen refusing Luv to talk with her. He seems to have said something serious about her, and she has gotten angry with him. Another friendship seems to have come in peril.

Arshi and Aakash also seem to finally annoy each other, as they’re also seen fighting with each other. Aakash is seen insulting Arshi’s looks and comparing her to Katrina Kaif and saying that she is not even close to good looking than them. Arshi, in return tells him to shut up and stop annoying her in the morning.

It isn’t clear if this is their game or both of them are serious, but they’re another of the best friends that have gotten involved in fight with each other. It will become clear, soon, as whatever Priyank said to Hina looks to be very serious indeed.



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