Parliament Attack: India pays tributes to brave hearts of 2001 attack

Parliament Attack: India pays tributes to brave hearts of 2001 attack

Parliament Attack is the unforgettable day for the Indians. On this horrifying day, Jaish-e-Mohammad and LeT terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament. However, the 17 years have gone still India has continued to witness more attacks extended by the Pakistani terrorists. The terrifying attack on the Parliament led by the Pakistani militant group Jaishe-e-Mohammed terrorists on 13th December 2001. In this attack, total 5 terrorists who belong to Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad militants groups had attacked the Parliament situated in New Delhi. Afterwards, the Delhi Police and Parliamentary Security personnel led to the firing fight with terrorists. In the ensuing encounter, 6 Delhi Police personnel along with 2 Parliament Security Service personnel have lost their lives, in total 14.

However, the attack was severe but not more casualties and death have been reported. As our police and security personnel have tremendous firing fight that killed all the five terrorists. This attack increased tensions between India and Pakistan which led to India-Pakistan standoff in 2002. On 13th December 2001, both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha had adjourned for around 40 minutes. And the senior officials like Home Minister LK Advani and Minister of State for Defence Harin Pathak along with 100 people were asked to be inside the building at the time of the attack.

Today, India is remembering and commemorating tributes to the Delhi Police personnel and the Parliament Security personnel who have lost their lives during the encounter which killed all the 5 terrorists of the JeM and LeT. In the remembrance of this horrifying day, politicians share their views; also, extending their Tributes to the brave hearts on Twitter. Minister of State for External Affairs Vijay Kumar tweeted 16 years back, the terrorists attacked the Parliament the temple of our democracy. He saluted the Brave men and women for their sacrifice, courage and selflessness for adorning the uniform thwarted these attempts. The Minister Shivraj Chouhan pays homage to the brave martyrs who made a sacrifice to protect Parliament.

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