Anna Hazare slams Arvind Kejriwal again

Anna Hazare slams Arvind Kejriwal again

Anna Hazare has slammed Arvind Kejrival again, and said that he hopes that no Kejriwal will emerge from his movement again. Arvind Kejrival has previously been a part of the movement that was started by Hazare, who wanted to get the anti corruption bill passed in the Lok Sabha. He had also held hunger strike in the support of the movement, and had become the symbol of the common man in India. Arvind Kejriwal had emerged from the movement as the steadfast believer of Hazare and had quickly become one of the most famous member, because of his out spoken demeanor and his belief. It was also interesting that he had held a very good job before joining the movement and was very well educated too.

After the movement was successful in accomplishing its goal, however, rifts began to show in the movement, as Kejrival had his own ambitions of becoming a politician because he wanted to counter the problem of corruption by being a part of the system and working within it.

When Kejrival finally formed his party, Anna Hazare cut off all connections with him and indicated that he might have always had some opportunistic ideas about forming his own political party and had used him as a step on the ladder to reach to his goal.

Arvind Kejriwal contested for the Delhi elections and became the unanimous Chief Minister of the capital of India. He has since been praised and criticized for his actions, his inability to counter the environmental degradation of the capital. There have also been rumors about corruption in his own party, and members trying to sabotage it. Anna Hazare is still against the political leaders who are leading the country, and says that he wants leaders who think in the favor of the farmers and the common people of India.

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