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NITI Aayog forms panel on Intelligent Transportation Systems

NITI Aayog forms panel on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Written by Pallavi Parmar

NITI Aayog and the International Road Federation signed the statement of intent to cooperate in Intelligent Transportation Systems to work on traffic, parking management and maintaining roads in a cost-effective manner. Anil Srivastva the advisor of Niti Aayog said while announcing the formation of a committee at a roundtable on ITS that the committee is developing the National ITS policy that will comprise stakeholders from Central, State, foreign ITS companies and other private partners.

As per the reports, the collaboration between Niti Aayog and International Road Federation will focus on the situation of parking in cities, it will upgrade the parking, also road safety and reducing urban traffic congestion. This collaboration will also improve the security of passenger and traffic. Niti Aayog was set up in January 2015 as the National Institution for Transforming India.

The committee will set uniform standards to implement Intelligent Transportation Systems policy across the various parts of India. Anil Srivastava in his speech also added that making of policy is one of the easiest work but the implementation os the difficult task. He also explained that the major task of the committee is to make ITS acceptable in tier II and III cities. As ITS is partially implemented in cities like Bengaluru, Surat, Bhopal and Mumbai.

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