Aamir Khan hails Secret Superstar for being Woman-centric

Aamir Khan hails Secret Superstar for being Woman-centric

Aamir Khan is one of the best actors in Bollywood and a legitimate superstar, he is easily able to get movies made because he has such a big fan base but he still likes to dedicate himself to movies in which he believes, hence his involvement with Secret Superstar, that features a little girl as the main character of the story and Aamir khan in a supporting role. He plays a man who helps Insiya (Zaira Wasim), a little girl, achieve her dream of becoming a singer.

Aamir, who is in Turkey for promotion, said that he was glad that a women is the protagonist of the movie and that it is the step in the right direction to give women the equal oppurtunities that the deserve.

“Whether it is a girl or boy, or a man or a woman, there should be complete equality and equal opportunities should be available to everyone,” he told the audience at the Anadolu Agency, the added, “We all have the same feelings whether I am a man or woman. I hope that this film takes a step in the right direction.”

It is very encouraging indeed for a star of Aamir’s stature to provide a platform for female performers to shine and be seen by a larger audience.

Superstar is going to be released on 19 September 2017.

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