Meat Shops forcefully shutdown due to Navratri in Gurugram

Meat Shops forcefully shutdown due to Navratri in Gurugram

Gurugram: A grouping of 22 Hindu outfits has threatened to forcefully shut all meat shops in Gurugram during the festival of Navratri. The Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti (SHSS), Gurugram, said it has decided to close down all the meat shops since the district administration has failed to act on its requests. And for this, the Hindu Outfits closes several meat shops in Gururgram. After this incident, A case has been registered in the Sadar Bazar Jama Masjid area of Gurugram. Surprisingly, the shops have been forcibly closed in the presence of the Local police. Hindu organizations have demanded that meat should not be sold during Navratri at shops. Navaratri has started today from 10th October which will run till October 18.

Indeed, 22 Hindu organizations, including Shiv Sena, had threatened to shut down all shops of meat in Gurugram City during Navratri. Many parties had said that in this regard, they had asked the district administration to close the shops. Also, organizations warned that if the administration does not take any action then they will shut shop itself.

During a visit to the market, Newsfolo spotted a banner at the market entrance which read, “From Muslim community, hearty Navratri wishes”. The market chief said that we are living here for 50 years but this has never happened before. The administration will support us, but terror is there. He told that the Hindu organizations had told us to first put the curtains, we figured out. Then they threatened to close the shops from yesterday. Apart from this, T]the two entrances of the meat market near Sadar Bazar have been covered with over 14-foot-high pink blinders, leaving space for only pedestrians to enter”. Curtains have been put up at the main door of each of the 14 meat shops in the market.

Abdul Mukim, one of the meat seller in Gurugram, said that I was born here. My father never told that people or some organizations tried to close the meat shops during Navratri.

A member of the Hindu Armed Conflict Committee wrote a letter to the district administration that we have created four teams of 125 members who will go to different shops and request their owners to close the shops during Navratri. If we get a shop open during the festival, we will close it. Hindu organizations are saying that they had already given a written application to the district administration and appealed that during the Navaratri, the shops of meat were kept closed in the city. But if the administration does not take any action, then we will have to go on the roads ourselves and we would close it.

Sumit Kuhar, DCP (crime), said, “We won’t let anyone forcefully close down any meat shop during Navratri. If anyone wants to voluntarily close his shop, then it’s up to him.” Kuhar said the Gurugram police have asked all the SHOs to keep a close watch on the situation and to make sure that no shops are closed forcefully.

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