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Kangana Ranaut says Hrithik Roshan should be punished under the MeToo Movement

Kangana Ranaut says Hrithik Roshan should be punished under the MeToo Movement

Bollywood’s ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut has once again attacked versatile Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan after the development trials. In a statement about the #MeToo Campaign, Kangana said that Hrithik, who kept ladies like the ‘trophy’, should be punished. Nobody should work with them. Kangana Ranaut said that what is happening with film director Vikal Bahal is going to be correct, but there are so many people in the film industry still working who do not treat women properly, exploit them, they should be punished too. Kangna aiming at Hrithik, said that those people should also be punished, who keep wives like a trophy, they want a beautiful young girl in her life whom she keeps making ‘Mistress Mascal’.

Hrithik Roshan-  Kangana Ranaut Controversy

On a TV show, Kangna had told about her relationship with Hrithik Roshan that the affair was going on between them. She wanted to marry Hrithik and even there was the talk of marriage was following between the two. On this, Hrithik had told Kangana that he can not marry him or publicly express his love for him, because he(Hrithik Roshan) is married and this is not possible in his family.

After this Kangana tried to make distances from Hrithik. According to Kangana’s claim, when She got an offer for ‘Krrish-3’, Kangana had refused to do the film, but for 6 months She was persuaded to work in the film, then finally Kangana gave the film a fillip. After this, Hrithik had promised to marry Kangana after divorce from his wife, but later he refused to recognize Kangana.

During the TV show, Kangana said, “before releasing the”Queen”, Hrithik had broken up with me. When the queen became hit, he started praising me. He started to say that I am proud of you. People are praising you, then I asked him clearly that you have to marry me or not. You are defaming me since last fifteen days, now what happened to you. For this , he replied and said that I should be on my limits.

I am talking about Hrithik Roshan, nobody should work with them. “Kangana believes that the film industry needs to work even more against the accused in connection with sexual exploitation. Kangana also added on yesterday. 


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