Mann Ki Baat, Narendra Modi talks about Doctor’s day and GST

Mann Ki Baat, Narendra Modi talks about Doctor’s day and GST

Narendra Modi addressed the nation today through his Radio program, Mann Ki Baat. He talked about a diverse range of topics, at first expressing his pride over Afghanistan playing its first test cricket match against India. He said that sports is a great medium through which the people in a society come together, and gives an opportunity to find out the talent in the public. Modi also spoke about the World Yoga Day, which was celebrated on June 21 2018, and how everyone across the world united to spread awareness about the exercise and promoted it by enacting the aasans.

Specifically, he mentioned the Jawans of the Indian army who performed Yoga on air, land and in water, and inside the submarines. He then began to talk about Doctor’s day which is going to be celebrated on July 1 2018. He spoke about how, they’re the ones who give rebirth to people. Their role is not limited to prescribing medicines to patients, they’re the friends of every person who visits them. He stressed on the meaning and importance of equality, peace and brotherhood in the lives of people. He evoked the teachings of Holy Guru Nanak Dev, about treating every human being equally and to shun discrimination.

Modi also mentioned the horrific Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which is going to complete 100 years in 2019. He condemned the murder of the innocent people, and stated that in the end, non violence, peace and sacrifice are going to triumph over injustice and violence.

Toward the end, he told the listeners that GST is going to complete its one year soon, and that the dream of “One Nation, One Tax”, has become a reality for the country. He said that GST could only be successful because all the states in the country supported the scheme with confidence and surety.


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