Vadodara murder of 9th class student, class 10th student detained by police

Vadodara murder of 9th class student, class 10th student detained by police

The murder of 9th class students in Vadodara, who suffered ten stab wounds, and was left for dead in the school’s bathroom on June 21 2018 shocked the nation, as the details of the violence were shared with the public. And now, in another startling revelation, a class 10th student has been detained in relation to the case. The reason for the murder, is being reported, that the accused student was scolded for not completing his homework, and decided to do something to close down the entire school, and stabbed the unfortunate boy to death to achieve his plan.

The Vadodara police had reported earlier that a fight had broken out between two students in the washroom, which had ended with the victim being stabbed to death in a fit of rage by the other. The family of the victim had also put forth the theory that a group of students had murdered their child during the lunch period.

The police found chili powder mixed in water, and sharp objects in a bag, near a temple that is situated close to the school, and suspected that the culprit had thrown it after the murder, so that the police couldn’t track him down. The victim was stabbed in the stomach, although the postmortem report is yet to be released by the hospital.

This is another shocking instance of violence in an educational institution. Praduyman Thakur, from Haryana, who studied at  Ryan International school in second grade was murdered by an eleventh grade student. His throat was slit twice and he died because of excessive bleeding 2 minutes after. The murder also took place in the washroom of the school. The reason for the murder was reportedly that the student hadn’t studied for the examination and wanted to delay it somehow by getting the school closed.

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