Mankhurd, Mumbai: Fire breaks out in a shop near Maya Hotel

Mankhurd, Mumbai: Fire breaks out in a shop near Maya Hotel

Fire broke out in a shop near Maya Hotel, in Mankhurd, Mumbai in the early hours of Sunday, February 11 2018. It quickly began to spread to the adjoining godowns as firefighter trucks were being called to control the conflagration. The photos, taken from the site show large plumes of black smoke rising into the sky, but no casualties have been reported as yet. The cause of the fire has also not been discovered. 20 firefighter vehicles have reached the spot, and are trying to douse the fire. There have been a lot of fire related accidents/incidents recently, as when Fire was spotted in Rustomjee Seasons, which is an under-construction building, situated in the Bandra East. The cause of the fire had been Bamboos that had been kept in outside, but no one had been injured in the accident.

Before that, on January 19, fire had broken out at Navrang studio in the Todi Mills Compound, which sits in the Lower Parel area. Another incident happened at the third floor of the sessions court building. But there had been no casualties during these incidents too, and the fire had been controlled by the firefighters.

But, on December 27 2018, Kamala Mills had been ravaged with fire that had broken out in a pub, and had spread out very quickly, as the place was cloistered and didn’t have much space for many people to run away to save their lives. 14 people, which included 12 women, lost their lives in the incident.


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