Padman day 2 box office collection- Akshay’s film takes a 40% jump

Padman day 2 box office collection- Akshay’s film takes a 40% jump

Padman has picked up the pace on box office against it’s dull first day collections. On day 1 Padman earned 10.30 crores, which is lowest for Akshay Kumar in last 3 years but the film has a strong word of mouth behind it which is why the numbers on Saturday increased 13.86 crores. Padman was made and released under the budget of 30 crores and it will give the film an edge to recover the investment quickly. Akshay is incredibly consistent with his films reach and many of his films in last 5 years have done the business of 120-130 crores though it might not be the case for Padman.

A sanitary pad is still very much a taboo and it is not openly spoken about in most households and it will be the reason why families may not gather and watch this film together because they will be too embarrassed of such a casual topic being discussed in lengths on top of it film is about the struggle of a man who went opposite the hypocrites in order to prove the point and whoever can’t confront a sanitary pad with his family is essentially a hypocrite himself which would make it very difficult for him to appreciate the film.

Lifetime India collection of this film might not exceed 90 crores considering the slow start and ton of films releasing next week. Siddharth Malhotra starrer Aiyaary and Marvel’s Black Panther will certainly consume cinema seats and make life difficult for Padman however the film has gotten a solo release with no other important Hindi film and to juice the opportunity is the duty of Padman. Padman was just about to release with Padmaavat, which would insanely affected the collections of this film though in last moments Akshay and Bhansali decided to shift the Padman and both the films got the chance to get individual space window on box office.

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