Kedarnath Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan’s Debut is all about eternal love

Kedarnath Movie Review: Sara Ali Khan’s Debut is all about eternal love

Released today, kedarnath is grasping good audience attention. This film is Sara Ali khan debut film with Actor Sushant Singh Rajput. This movie is based on true incident that took place in June 2013, which was one of the devastating natural disaster. The unexpected rainfall int the state of Uttarakhand, between June 13 to 17, 2013 left deep grief in the history. This flood had left behind a death over 5000 people and massive damage to many parts of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Nepal. Abhishek Kapoor the director of this film has brought us back to the times with the historic journey of 2013 through his film kedarnath.

The story of the movie revolves around Sushant Singh who played a role of a porter as Mansoor Khan who is aware of the local geography and religious customs of Kedarnath. He doesn’t believe in hiding his religious identity nor does he stop himself from praising lord Shiva on top of his lungs. He only believes in serving Almighty through helping people to complete their religious journey. Nishant Dahiya have played role of an anti-hero in the film. Who is known as Kullu, the representative of the local priests and is known as hot headed guy. Kullu is already engaged to Mukku (Sara Ali khan). The story turns around when Kullu finds out about his finance affair with Mansoor. As kullu goes through period of betrayal, he gets heartbroken and becomes revengeful towards his fiancée and Mansoor guy. He plans to destroy and break the couple through his hideous planning. But the strong faith and love between the couple takes the odds and fight back.

All the actors in the film are looking very natural and keeping the performance on the topmost style. The chemistry between Sushant and Sara is holding to the story quite well throughout the movie. Overall the movie did quite fair to the script and carried well to the love story. Sara’s entry into the Bollywood industry was pretty bang on.

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