Madhya Pradesh Exit Poll Results 2018; Tough Fight between Congress and BJP

Madhya Pradesh Exit Poll Results 2018; Tough Fight between Congress and BJP

According to exit polls, there is a close contest between ruling BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh. According to NDTV’s Poll of Exit Polls, the BJP seems to be getting 110 seats out of 230 seats in the state. Congress can get 109 seats While the BSP can capture two seats and the other 9 seats could be gone to the account of others. Talking about different media Channels, according to the poll of India News-MP Neta, BJP can get 106 seats, Congress 112 and others can win 12 seats. At the same time, according to exit poll report of INDIA TODAY-AXIS My India, BJP can get around 102-120 seats in Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, 104-122 can come in Congress account, 1-3 in BSP account and 3-8 seats in other accounts. Exit poll of Times Now-Chanakya is showing that BJP is getting 103 seats while Congress 125. According to its exit poll, the BSP is not getting any seat here and the other seems to be getting two seats here.

If we look at the exit polls of the Republic-C voter, then BJP can get 90-106 seats, Congress 110-126 and others can get 6-22 seats. About Times Now-CNX Poll, BJP can get 126 seats, Congress 89, BSP 6 and 9 seats for other parties. Similarly, according to Exit Poll of Republic TV-People, BJP in Madhya Pradesh seems to be getting 108-128 seats, Congress 95-115 and others 7 seats.

According to exit polls of BP News and CSDS, BJP is looking to get 94 seats while the Congress is looking to win 126 seats here. The other is going to get 10 seats in their account. In the exit poll of the News Nation, BJP is getting 108 to 112 seats and the Congress is getting 105 to 109 seats. Others account for 11 to 15 seats are being reported.

The exit poll of India TV is showing that BJP will cross the majority mark and will form the government. In its exit poll, BJP gets 122 to 130, while Congress gets 86 to 92 seats. The BSP is being given 4 to 8 seats and the other is getting 8 to 10 seats. In the exit polls of News24 and Pace Media, BJP is getting 98 to 108 seats and Congress is getting 110 to 120 seats. In other accounts, 10 to 14 seats are going to be seen.

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