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Karnataka Elections 2018: Difference B/W Congress and BJP’S Manifesto

Karnataka Elections 2018: Difference B/W Congress and BJP’S Manifesto
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has released their manifesto on Friday for Karnataka assembly elections 2018. BJP’s CM candidate Yeddyurappa announced the election promises at a Five Star Hotel in Bangalore. Most of the issues were previously promised by the Congress a week ago in their manifesto. To present the challenge to the Congress, BJP launched all its promises in its manifesto which the Congress had picked up before them in a loud manner, Whether it is a matter of wooing the farmers or women safety. Debt waiver of farmers in the manifesto of both; Like Congress, BJP also promised to double the income of the farmers. With this, BJP will give wave off crop loan to farmers for one lakh rupees in their manifesto. About irrigation, the BJP claimed to be the higher than the Congress, the Congress informed about Rs 1.25 lakh crore, while the BJP had set a new one to spend Rs 1.5 lakh crore in Irrigation.

Women Safety and Student Education

BJP also does not want to be behind to pleasing Karnataka women. Like Congress, BJP has also declared sanitary napkins, women’s employment and women’s security prominently in their manifesto. In order to woo youth, Congress promised to provide free smartphones to 18 to 23-year-old students going to college, how could the BJP remain behind? BJP also added poor women in it. In its 52-page manifesto released on 27th April, Congress promised to give the scooty to women at half price. At the same time, BJP announced the stoppage of cow slaughter from Congress.

BJP’s manifesto ‘Jumalflesto’:

The Congress declared this manifesto as BJP’s “JumbleFesto” and said that the public is not going to believe in this “sill of lies”. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala said that the BJP’s manifesto in Karnataka is a mixture of Modi’s manifesto 2014 and “Yeddy Reddy’s 2018 Manifesto”.

BJP President Amit Shah rally in Karnataka

BJP President Amit Shah rally in Karnataka

He said, ‘No price of the promise, no words on the promise, the lost land of BJP lost.’


Congress said that if their government comes to power again in Karnataka, then in the next five years, their govt will provide 10 million jobs to the youth. At the same time, Congress also promised to spend 1.25 lakh crore rupees on irrigation in Karnataka. Congress president Rahul Gandhi declared this as ‘voice of the people of Karnataka‘. He said that ‘3 or 4 party members haven’t prepared the Manifesto in a closed room.’ While taking a dig at BJP, Rahul had said that his manifesto will not be for the people of Karnataka and it will have a glimpse of RSS’s views.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Congress manifesto talks about people’s mind in Karnataka”. There are special promises in this that we intend to fulfil. It also promises to create 1 crore new jobs in the next 5 years.” He claimed that Siddaramaiah Government has completed 95 percent of its promises in previous five years.

The ‘Yeddyurappa’ Effect

In an Opinion Poll, there are 78 to 86 seats could come in BJP’s account. BJP won 40 seats in Karnataka in 2013. However, Yeddyurappa contested the election by making a separate party KGP and won 6 seats in that time. Likewise, Sriramulu also separated from BJP and contested the election by making BSRCP and got success in 4 seats. This time the BJP house is united and Yeddyurappa and Sriramulu are in BJP.

At the same time, Janata Dal (Secular) means JDS is going to win 34 to 43 seats according to Opinion Poll. In the 2013 assembly elections, JDS won 40 seats.

An opinion poll is expected that the Congress is going to get the same vote share as the 37% vote share for the 2013 Karnataka assembly elections. In spite of this, a few seats will be left behind in the Congress state with a magical figure of 113 seats required for the majority. Congress secured 122 seats in the 2013 Assembly and formed a complete majority government in Karnataka.

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