Jignesh Mevani continues rally even as police posts extra security to maintain peace

Jignesh Mevani continues rally even as police posts extra security to maintain peace

Jignesh Mevani has expressed disappointment in the government because his request to hold the Youth Hunkar rally in Connaught Place, Delhi had been declined by the police due to security issues. He said that it was an unfortunate situation and felt that the government was unfairly targeting him. Heavy security has still enveloped the rally, with almost 15 thousand security police, who have been equipped with water cannons and tear gas bombs to be prepared for any violent situation that arise from the rally. Previous week, an FIR had been filed against Mevani, in relation to the riots in Maharashtra, even though he maintained his innocent and said that he had done nothing to incite violence between the two conflict ridden communities.

All across Jantar Mantar, the police are patrolling and have been designated to stay there, they are also present at the Parliament street, which became the position of the protest after the police declined to give access to the Green Court.

The Dalit leader still held his own, and decide to continue the Youth Hunkar rally. The rally began at 1pm, and was joined by the students from JNU, and leaders like Akhil Gogoi and even the Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhiushan. Mevani has said repeatedly that he does not want to indulge in violence with the police and is only present there to hold a peaceful protest. He has also accused the government of denying a elected representative, the right to speak peacefully in the public. Kanhaiya Kumar, the former JNU students’ union president has also enforced the pacifist nature of the protest, telling everyone to not react in a violent way, even if the police decide to attack the masses. He also said that they violent assault can only be won by love, and by presenting themselves peacefully to the authorities.

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