Supreme Court: National Anthem in Cinema Halls not mandatory

Supreme Court: National Anthem in Cinema Halls not mandatory

The Supreme Court has said that playing the National Anthem in Cinema Halls is not mandatory, anymore. The previous decision had been met with severe opposition and debates across the nation, in which people and other sophisticates asked what was the need for playing the National anthem in the Cinema halls. There had also been reports of people being beaten because not standing up during the anthem was considered Anti-Nationalist by many. The Government had asked the Supreme Court to take a decision on the matter once the ministerial panel is able to make guidelines that should be followed.

The court added that even if it isn’t necessary to play the National Anthem before the beginning of every movie, but it is absolutely essential that people stand up during it. Disabled people are except from the decision.

The decision to play the National Anthem in Cinema Hall throughout the nation had been taken in 2016, by a bench that also consisted of, Justice Dipak Misra, who is the present Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Last year, it was commented by a bench, which also included Misra, that, “People do not need to stand up at a cinema hall to be perceived as patriotic.”

Such a decision is being welcome by people on the social media, who feel that standing up to the National Anthem because they are forced to so is not going to make them patriotic, and it is sensible decision that gives the freedom to the Cinema Halls to play the anthem or not. Thus, it has been almost widely accepted by people and is being praised for giving the choice to people, although, they will still need to stand up if the song plays in their Cinema halls.

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