Holi of Kashi with Bhang and Thandai; Tourists arrive to Enjoy the Day

Holi of Kashi with Bhang and Thandai; Tourists arrive to Enjoy the Day

If you talk about Holi and do not mention the Bhang (cannabis), then it will be not fair. These days, the cannabis has been famous for the fun on Holi and Mahashivaratri. In Bollywood, too many films have focused on the same funnier form of Bhang. However, the cannabis is much more than fun. In ancient times, the Yogi and Aghori use the cannabis to achieve ultimate bliss. Even in our Vedas, the cannabis or bhang has been given high status. According to the Vedas, Cannabis has the ability to cure many diseases. Usually, the cannabis is known as addictive. But in a research, it has been found that the cannabis is helpful in increasing our brain cells. Former Research Institute of the State University of New York said that where alcohol affects the brain cells, the cannabis is good for the brain.

The colour of Holi in Lord Shiva’s city Kashi became more beautiful on Thursday. With the bhang, cannabis, Abir and gulal, the People started coming out from the morning to enjoy the Holi. On Thursday, several foreign tourists arrived in the Kashi city to enjoy the celebration of Kashi’s Holi festival. The arrival of foreign tourists from Wednesday has been continuing since Friday.

The entire Kashi is painted with many colours on Friday by a color splash. Various types of Holi Scenes on the Eighty Ghats of Kashi become the center of attraction for tourists. They also enjoy Holi with colours and Bhang. Holi is incomplete without the Thandi of Bhang. Holi is a festival in which the People enjoy Bhang Thandai, they drink and also serve and dance on Holi songs. Cannabis packets for thandai are easily available in the market, which can be served by adding milk to it. But the thandai that is made in the house is different from its taste and even special. 

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