Haryana: Singer Mamta Sharma murdered in Baniyani, family blames police for inaction

Haryana: Singer Mamta Sharma murdered in Baniyani, family blames police for inaction

Haryana has been plagued with violence against women for a few weeks, with reports of 5 horrific rapes and the Police’s inability to stop or even catch the culprits. There was a cabinet meeting recently, though it wasn’t for discussing such important and dire issues, but for banning the controversial movie Paadmavat, a decision that has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Now, in another alarming case, Mamta Sharma, a famous singer was found murdered in field, that is  situated at the Rohtak district’s Baniyani. Conincidentally, the it also happens to the native village of Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar. Khattar has come under a lot of scrutiny because if the recent rise in the crime rates against woman, and the government’s inability to provide punishment to the criminals.

Now, Mamta Sharma’s family and relatives have blamed the police authorities for ignoring action when they were told about the disappearance of their daughter. Mamta’s throat had been brutally slit, and she had died because of profuse blood loss. She had left for an event in Sonipat, and was accompanied by her friend, Mohit Kumar. He had phoned Mamta’s home and told her family that she had gone with someone else in a car, at around 10.30 PM.

Mamta knew the people in whose car she had entered, but she didn’t return home. Her phone was also switched off. The family tried to look for her, even called her phone, but there was no response. When the family went to the police, their pleas were not heard and acted upon immediately.

The reports of Mamta’s murder reached the media and there was an outcry about the inaction of police. The Khattar government is also getting blamed for giving more interest to banning a movie than resolving the rising violence in the state.

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