Gujarat Legislative Assembly election 2017: An early comparison to the results

Gujarat Legislative Assembly election 2017: An early comparison to the results

Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections, 2017 have been mired in controversies and shocking statements from the leaders of the opposition parties BJP and Congress. From the beginning of the election season, it was inevitable that there will be some quarrels between the parties, but the vitriolic comments from Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyer, the mushroom accusation from Alpesh yadav and some of the words by Narendra Modi have created headlines all across Indian Landscape. The exit polls have shown that both parties will be fighting neck to neck for maximum seats, but BJP should still win, if not by majority. And now, as few moments before the beginning of the counting of votes, let’s compare to the results of 2012, when Gujarat won by a whopping number of votes.

First of all, a political party needs at least 92 votes to be able to form a government in Gujarat. In 2012, BJP won 115 votes in the elections, and Congress won 61. Because of the majority of votes, BJP won and the chief Minister of Gujarat was Vijay Rupani. It must be noted that the part has held a position of power in the state since 2002, when Narendra Modi won the elections.

Now, according to the exit polls that were conducted by various established media outlets, BJP is still predicted to win the election by 104 seats, which is one less than before, but still strong. Congress is predicted to lose with 62 seats. So, the situation hasn’t changed that much, but it could still prove to be otherwise, since the exit polls aren’t always guaranteed to be true. The voter count in 2012 was 71.32, which had set record as the highest number of votes given by the population of Gujarat. This time though, the voting count dipped to 68.7, which is still better than some other states in the country.

The counting of the votes will begin soon, at 8 AM specifically, and readers can see the results as they arrive on this site.

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