Gujarat Assembly Elections: The first phase of polling begins

Gujarat Assembly Elections: The first phase of polling begins

27,158 EVMs are being utilised in 24,689 polling stations in the first phase of the Gujarat Assembly Elections. People have now started to come out in groups and pairs to cast their votes. In the first phase of the election, the maximum candidates contesting on a seat are 27 from Jamnagar Rural. Minimum are 3 from Jhagadia and Gandevi. Vijay Rupani, the current Chief Minister of Gujarat is confident about BJP’s domination in the elections, as he has said that people should come and vote in the polling stations and they’re confident about their victory, because there’s not much competition against them. The campaign for Gujarat’s election had somehow become very heated in this week, when politicians, including the Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi began to hurl insults and accusations at the Congress party.

Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, accused the BJP party for destroying the lives of Native population in the state and not even publishingvtheir Manifesto for the elections. A vision document was then put out by the BJP authorities.

Congress party also celebrated Sonia Gandhi’s birthday today, as she turn 71 years old. People from all across the country and political parties wished her a happy birthday.

The political climate in Gujarat has been very volatile for a month now, and it has evolved into other controversies and muckraking from the party leaders. A comment made by Mr Mani Shankar Aiyer, that referred to Narendra Modi as “Neech” has descended into a series of shocking accusations made against Aiyer, from being disrespectful to wanting to kill Modi and giving money to pakistani shooters to kill him.

The controversies raged since Narendra Modi decided to campaign for the party and made comments that were not taken kindly by the Congress party officials, especially Rahul Gandhi. Now, as the polling goes further into the second phase soon, there will be more debates to come as the two major parties of Indian politics fight for Gujarat.

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