Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan bashes Arshi, and other issues on tonight’s episode

Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan bashes Arshi, and other issues on tonight’s episode

When Arshi Khan made foul comments against Shilpa for allegedly staring at her father improperly and refused to meet her mother when she arrived in the house, everyone inside and outside the house was angry at her for being disrespectful to an elderly woman. Arshi was slammed by almost everyone outside the house and seems that Salman also didn’t really like her behavior with Shilpa’s mother and her comments to her. He will be seen scolding for being disrespectful over something she imagined and that didn’t happen. Arshi, on the other hand will be accusing Salman of always siding with Shilpa. Puneesh who was siting aside Shilpa when Arshi’s father arrived, she didn’t look at him any sort of disrespectful manner.

Another topics that Salman could raise over the episode tonight is Hina’s comments on Hiten, calling his spineless, and Priyank’s actions in the house. But it seems that his debate with Arshi is going to take the majority of time tonight.

A lot of other people will also be visiting the Bigg Boss house, Karishma Tanna  and Karan Patel along with Rohan Mehra. They will be telling the truth to the contestants and how their behavior in the house is affecting their image outside the house. While Karan and Karishma Tanna are going to attack Hina with their snide comments about what she should or shouldn’t do int house, Rohan will be taking her side and telling others that she means well.

There is no voting this week, so Shilpa and Aakash, who are both nominated, won’t be getting eliminated this week, but perhaps one of them will surely be going into the secret room.

Salman has already told Arshi that she wrongly accused of Shilpa of looking down at her father, and it seems that she will be fighting back and try to prove her point in tonight’s episode, which makes it a must see.

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