15 years old teenager, a Kashmiri blind girl, Insha Mushtaq has completed her Class 10 State Board examinations on Wednesday as her last exam was today. In the last year July month she has lost her eyes in the tragedy of Kashmiries pellets and that makes her world into darkness. Last year after the death of Hizbul Mujahideen at Kokernag village of Anantnag district, the gunfight occurred with the police in Kashmir. Insha heard the noise of bullets and she opened the window of her house facing the street. There was an explosion and she closed her eyes and cries out a loud and blood oozed out from her eyes on her face, from that day she became blind.

Insha has undergone skull surgery in the hospital of New Delhi after that she was taken to Mumbai hospital for further treatment. And in Mumbai, the experienced doctors said that she never see anything again through her eyes. But Insha never gives up on her studies, and she continued her studies with the help of teachers and her family at home.

Today finally on 22 November, she successfully completed her Class 10 exams with the help of her tutors Muzaffar Bhat and Naveed Mir helped her in the studies.

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