EVM hacking in Gujarat Elections 2017: Politicians ask to blame Rahul Gandhi if congress loses

EVM hacking in Gujarat Elections 2017: Politicians ask to blame Rahul Gandhi if congress loses

The Gujarat election vote counting has begun and all attention seems to be on two major parties that have been opposing each other for the campaign. Rahul Gandhi has been diligent in his efforts to sway the stronghold of the BJP party in the state. He has been campaigning in the state for the latter part of the year, making points and arguing that the BJP party has not been able to create any changes in Gujarat, and have brought much grief to its Native people and even the general populations too.

But as the exit polls seem to indicate, BJP is predicted to be the winner in the polls for this term too and the accusations against the leading party hacking the EVMs, or rigging them in a way that will split the results in their favor have already started. EVMs employ  electronic voting, and have evolved in coming years, with people just choosing the option that they want to vote for and clicking on the button that shows the symbol of the party of the preference.

The accusations regarding EVM hacking is nothing new, as the topic was also a point of contention during the Delhi elections, when Aam Aadmi Party was accused of rigging the machines to ensure their win.

The BJP leaders have not minced their words when asked about the topic, and have said that if Congress fails in the elections, only Rahul Gandhi will be the one to blame. Sambit Patra, spokesperson of BJP, has said something similar about the accusations. Rahul has also been skeptical of the how the EVMs are operated in the state, he has also indicated that either the machines are rigged or they are malfunctioning. His comments are laughed out by other candidates, who are saying that he is the one who is rigged and should not put the blame of other things when he himself is responsible for lousy leadership in his party.


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