Emflux One, Electric Superbike unveiled at Auto Expo 2018

Emflux One, Electric Superbike unveiled at Auto Expo 2018
Written by Karu Cheema

Emflux unveiled its first Electric Superbike, Emflux One at  Auto Expo 2018. This bike is likely to be priced between five and six lakh for the based model and eleven lakh for top variant. This super electronic bike claimed to be super package for unleashing your biking experience. It supports 60KW powered motor which can easily manage 84Nm of torque. Emflux concept behind this model is to deliver you super bike experience in an environment friendly way.  The estimated drive range claimed by company is between 150 and 200 km at 80 kph, which is quite spectacular but may abandon your extra miles fantasies in one go. Emflux claimed that it can easily pick speed of 0 to 100 km/hr in just 3 seconds, which is quite a thrilling boost.

Let’s see check what Emflux One have beyond the ordinary for you

This bike is packed with a lithium battery which get fully charged within one hour. In terms of tech it has liquid-cooled AC induction motor claiming to provide you unstoppable smooth ride. The most interesting feature is has is seven inch touch TFT display loaded with features like GPS navigation, real time vehicle diagnostics. You can get the access of all the updates and real time information on your smart phone via its mobile app, which is designed to provide you handy accessibility on finger tips.

The 17-inch Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres will let you achieve your ambition by proving you ultimate grip experience on any type of roads.  There will be only 200 units available of  Emflux One and which will be sold via online channel in the country. The company is planning to lunch 300 units for other parts of world and will be available in market by April 2019. There will be quite aggressive competition for Emflux to claim its sustainability in the market with the strong existence name likes Triumph and Kawasaki. Although for your EV friendly biking desire, Emflux One is quite stunning package.

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