Samantha Prabhu character look in Rangasthalam revealed

Samantha Prabhu character look in Rangasthalam revealed
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Rangasthalam is an upcoming Telugu film starring Ram Charan and Samantha in the lead roles. Ram plays the role of a partly deaf engineer from a village who stays there and work for the people instead of profits. Character sketch of Samantha is not revealed yet but she plays the female protagonist who is a local rural village girl falling in love with Ram’s character. Ram has sported a new look for him film which demanded him to grow an incredible beard and look in a certain way.

Samantha is looking remarkably different from any of her other characters and at least 2 shade down on her usual fairness scale to de-glam her avatar in this film. Color tone of the film is also Sepia-ish which gives a very distinct old tone to the film, perfevtlp suituis the environment. At the heart of it Rangasthalam is a trub blue commrrcico Teligu venture designed to give Ram a hit that he so craves for. Sukumar is known to be a director upon which the audirmau can bank on giving a decent 2 hour entertainment echoing many other films in the teaser itself.

Rangasthalam is a very safe proposition for both Ram and Samantha as far as box office is concerned because the film is literally not experimenting with anything and has a shot in the teaser showcasing an angry Ram in a wide shot coming to beat up rowdies wearing a lungi trying to guarantee an audible response from the mass Telugu audience. Samantha’s acting skills are unfathomable in a mass entertainer as she still tries to maintain some sense of character while her male counterparts basically believe in playing themselves over and over again, which is the whole point of design by default of a film like Rangasthalam, which will release on 29 March in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi speaking demographics.

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