Delhi Government, inspite of earning 787 crores through environment cess spent only Rs 65 lakhs in 2016 to curb pollution. Arvind Kejriwal lead government did not care to spend a penny from reported money on Delhi when air pollution crisis started erupting which affected the city. The Sanjeev Jain filed an RTI about Delhi government spending break-up than only the development took place in Delhi by Kejriwal government.

Delhi government had earned Rs 787 crore through environment cess in 2015-16 but according to the reply from RTI, only Rs 65 lakh was spent in 2016. The Delhi government has denied these accusations by saying that it plans to utilize the money for buying 2000 buses for the Delhi Odd-even scheme.

Today in morning, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal arrived in Chandigarh for a meeting with his Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar for the discussion on pollution or smog. They will discuss the issue of stubble burning which is known to be the major contributory factor for the pollution in Delhi and Haryana. Kejriwal said in his official tweet that he was looking forward to fruitful discussions with Mr. Khattar today in Haryana.

Delhi government was also announced to implement the odd-even scheme in Delhi to overcome the pollution level in the city, which was further decided to call off because of clashes with the rules set by NGT.

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