Indian man Suyash Dixit declares himself as King of Bir Tawil land between Egypt and Sudan

Indian man Suyash Dixit declares himself as King of Bir Tawil land between Egypt and Sudan

Indore man Suyash Dixit has declared himself as the ruler of an unclaimed land Bir Tawil between Egypt and Sudan. Suyash Dixit filed an online petition to the United Nations for asking the recognition of his claim where more than 800 people have supported his petition. Suyash Dixit belongs from Indore, India a CEO of one of the tech firm. He claimed as the ruler of the 2,000 sq km area of land between Egypt and Sudan. Suyash read about the unclaimed land, Bir Tawil when he was travelling to Cairo, Egypt.

Bir Tawil is the largest uninhabited territory which was neither claimed by Egypt nor Sudan. And now Suyash founded his Kingdom of Dreams and declared him as King. On his Facebook post, Suyash Dixit wrote ” I Suyash Dixit declaring myself as the king of “Kingdom of Dixit”. He said “I would call myself King Suyash First from today. As I declared this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my country from now for the eternity of time. He had also pledged to continue his work for the prosperity of the country people and the motherland.

He also added that Bir Tawil is open for foreign investment and people can apply for nationality. Suyash has also given the name to the capital of the country as Suyashpur. And the national animal is the lizard. Also, his post includes about Suyog Dixit an acting prime minister of the land and the head of the Military. He declared his father as the President of KoD.

More about Bir Tawil land, has no permanent residents and the only place in the Earth since 1902 which is not the part of any state or the Country. However, Dixit is not the only person to make such claims on the Bir Tawil land. Earlier in 2014, Jeremiah Heaton an American citizen travelled to Bir Tawil to make his daughter the real-life princess. Also in 2011, Jack Shenker had visited the place where he planted the multicoloured flag.

However, Suyash Dixit had thanked Internet and said I am everywhere in just 24 hrs. He wrote in his new post that he got famous across the world as numerous news portals have heading with his name. Also added more action to come tomorrow.

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