Delhi Encounter, Rajesh Bharti and gang members killed in an encounter with police in South Delhi

Delhi Encounter, Rajesh Bharti and gang members killed in an encounter with police in South Delhi
Written by Abhishek Rana

4 criminals and the leader of their gang was killed in an encounter with the Delhi police, in South Delhi area today. The criminals were hiding in a farmhouse, and eight police personnel were also injured in the gunfight that ensued between the two groups. Rajesh Bharti is believed to be the leader of the criminal gang. He was a notorious criminal, with origins in Haryana. He has a reward of 1 Lakh on his head, since many cases have been registered against him, and his deeds are well known to the authorities. The police had gotten information that the group was active in the area, so they led up to it.

Vidroh, Umesh Don and Bhiku were the other three criminals who were involve in cases of murders and extortion cases in Delhi area. They had been under surveillance for two to three months. The police got proof of their presence at the farmhouse today, and went to arrest them, but the criminals opened fire, and they had to retaliate with force. The gunfight continued for half hour as b both groups tried to tame the other, but the five criminals suffered heavy injuries. They were all taken to the hospital, but the four couldn’t be saved and were announced dead.

The site of the encounter was also heavily damaged, as bullets went into the cars that were standing nearby. The gang was in Chattarpur, when the police got the tip off from the sources. This is surely going to be a big win for the police, even as its members were injured in the process, they were at least, successful in neutralizing the criminals, who would have been dangerous to people around them. It was also a positive that police casualties were avoided, and hopefully, they will be treated.

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