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MLA Hanuman Beniwal could join BJP before Rajasthan Assembly Elections

MLA Hanuman Beniwal could join BJP before Rajasthan Assembly Elections
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Hanuman Beniwal, an Independent MLA from Rajasthan who has been open the front against the government for the last four years, showed his strength on Today in Rajasthan. According to BJP sources, after this, in the presence of Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah in the next few days, there is a possibility of Hanuman Beniwal could join BJP. This independent MLA have a good influence in the youth and the peasantry, which can be beneficial for the BJP in the assembly elections which will be held in the upcoming November-December. Earlier, in the last year, he had made big rallies in Nagaur and Bikaner and at the beginning of this year in Barmer, he get the BJP government in trouble.

the Intelligence Agencies of the state government told that rally which was held in Barmer District was bigger than the rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who held a rally before the refinery work program. After which, in the state, the Independent MLA Beniwal stature has been increased in national politics. It is assuming that during the visit of Amit Shah in Rajasthan, MLA Beniwal is likely to join the BJP. If Beniwal joins the rule BJP government, then only Sanganer MLA Ghanshyam Tiwari will outlast alone out of three of the other senior leaders who like to oppose against Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. 

Beniwal said that after the Sikar rally, one more rally will be held in Jaipur on the issues of farmers and youth and announcement of giving new political options to the people of the state will also be announced from the platform of Jaipur. ML Hanuman Beniwal has earlier done farmer rally Maharalei in Nagaur, Barmer, and Bikaner. In which Millions of people gathered. Hanuman Beniwal said that the farmer Hunkar Maha rally is a part of the mass movement that started from Nagaur on December 7, 2016, through the farmer Hunkar Maha-rally and the youth and farmers across the state are inquiring change this time.

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