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UP Congress Spokesperson Exam: 75 percent fails, 82 percent did not appear

UP Congress Spokesperson Exam: 75 percent fails, 82 percent did not appear
Written by Abhishek Lohia

The result of the examination given to become a Congress spokesperson in Uttar Pradesh has come. Nearly 75 people did not pass the examination. According to the results released on Saturday, 91 people had given this examination to become Congress spokesperson. The special thing is that 18 of the 27 people in the state’s old media and panelists’ team sitting in the examination has failed. After the dissolution of the old media unit of the state on June 20, the new idea of its formation started on June 28. For this, the examination was organized in two phases. In the first phase, 70 people took the exam whereas in the second phase 21 people took the exam. In both the examinations, a total of 22 people have been able to make a place in the media committee of the state Congress. According to the report, 14 people passed will be given the task of a spokesperson or panelist. The leadership of this team has been entrusted to Rajiv Bakshi.

The team includes Saif Ali Naqvi, son of former MP Zafar Ali Naqvi and Tanuj Punia, son of former MP PL Punia. Four people will notice the input of the media department. The remaining four have been made to the coast by making special invitees. Special invitees include former spokesman Virendra Madan, Amarnath Agarwal, Dwijendra Tripathi and Surendra Rajput.

A total of 491 people applied for the formation of Congress spokesman, but 91 people gave the examination. There are also about 75 passes in it. According to statistics, after applying, 82 percent of the people did not appear in the examination. The result of examination is also 24.17 percent. Some famous names did not even make up the place in the race to become Congress spokespersons from UP Cader. In this exam, some famous name could not make a place like Krishan Kant Pandey, Abdul Mannan Ansari, Arun Prakash Singh, Siddhartha Priya, Sanjay Vajpayee and Doctor Ashish Dikshit.

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