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Nitish Kumar stand with NDA will decide today

Nitish Kumar stand with NDA will decide today
Written by Abhishek Lohia

On Sunday in (Delhi), the rule of Pataliputra (Patna) will be decided. In the National Executive meeting of Janata Dal United (JDU) organized in Delhi, it is expected that the party’s stand will be decided after the meeting to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It is being told that JDU can pass this resolution that in the coming Lok Sabha elections, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will be the face of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar. JD (U) wants how many seats in the elections, it is also expected to become clear. The issue of special state is also important for the party. If these issues are not discussed then it is not surprising that politics in Bihar has changed afterwards.

There has been a rhetoric about seat sharing and electoral faces in both the major allies of the NDA BJP, JDU. BJP and other constituents of the NDA want to form the basis of seat sharing for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections for JDU, while JDU wants to form the 2015 Assembly elections. JDU had won only two seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, while the NDA had won 31 of the 40 seats in the Modi Modi wave. In the 2015 assembly elections, JD (U) along with RJD and Congress had contested under the banner of a alliance and won 71 seats. Then the BJP got only 53 seats.

JDU wants to make Nitish Kumar a polling booth in Bihar. Whereas, many BJP leaders say that the face of the Lok Sabha elections is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. JDU’s National Secretary General Sanjay Jha said that the results of the 2014 Lok Sabha can not be the basis of seat sharing as JDU was not part of any major alliance at that time. Earlier, JDU had contested 25 seats and BJP 15 seats. He said that the assembly elections of 2015 may be the basis of seat sharing. In it, JD (U) along with RJD and Congress had contested under the banner of a coalition.

JDU’s National Secretary General KC Tyagi has said that JDU will contest the elections in Bihar as the elder brother. That is, he has a good number of seats in the election and Nitish Kumar is the only election face. JDU knows that if the issue of seat sharing in the Lok Sabha elections is resolved then further assembly elections will not be difficult.

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