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Chandra Grahan 2018: Timings, Factors, Effects and Vidhi Vidhan

Chandra Grahan 2018: Timings, Factors, Effects and Vidhi Vidhan

Chandra Grahan is on 27th July today. This will be the second lunar eclipse of the year. This eclipse will start from 11.54 in the night and will remain the next day on July 28 at 3.49, i.e. this lunar eclipse 2018 will remain for 1 hour and 48 minutes. This time Chandra-eclipse is occurring on the day of Guru Purnima. It is believed to be a divine coincidence. This was a coincidence in the year 2000, 16 years ago. The day of an eclipse is also the Guru Purnima. That is why it is proper to do Guru Pujan and all the religious works related to it, such as Guru Diksha and Mantra Eclipse, before 2 PM and 54 minutes before noon. To avoid the inauspicious effect of the eclipse, chant the Moon Mantra – ‘Om Som Somai Namah‘ as much as you can.

Biggest Lunar Eclipse Timing:

  • Starting time of eclipse: 11 to 54 minutes at night
  • Khagras start: 12 am at midnight
  • Eclipse mid: late night at 1:20 pm
  • Khagras End: 2 o’clock 43 minutes late at night
  • Eclipse salvation: late night at 3:49 pm

On January 31, the earthquake that struck on the moon eclipse caused a tremendous furor. There was a tremendous craze in people about two chants related to Chandra Grahan. Anyway, in these cinema and music world, such mantras are also being shown from time to time.

Indian beliefs on Chandra Grahan

If talking about Indian beliefs, then the moon eclipse is said to be impure for the house. Not only this, after the lunar eclipse, there are many types of customs. Not only this, many types of concepts are associated with the lunar eclipse. Therefore some such chants have been given which can reduce the alleged bad effect of the lunar eclipse. It is being said that the during the Lunar Eclipse– Super Moon and Blue Moon will be seen. The lunar eclipse of July 27 will be the longest eclipse of the century. Lunar eclipse could not possibly be seen in India due to the monsoon season.

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