Cape Town water crisis current situation; “Day Zero” in Western Cape

Cape Town water crisis current situation; “Day Zero” in Western Cape

The water crisis in the city of South Africa, Cape Town is undergoing severe condition and danger of diseases increases when people do not have water even to wash their hands. Three years of drought has broken the back of the city. Things have become so bad that within 90 days the water can end. The pressure from the growing population is booming, the population of Cape Town is 40 million. Experts estimate that May 11, 2018, will be the date when the problem here will be very serious and the city has made plans for “Day Zero” in May 2018. Only 30 percent of the water is left in the dams at present time.

After the closure of the dam, only 25 litres of water will be given to every person in the Cape Town. For this, water will be distributed to 200 places under police supervision. In order to deal with the crisis, the residents of Cape Town have been given many important advice, which they have to follow. From February 1, a limit has been set for every person to use 50 litres of water per day. Apart from this, two minutes were fixed for the shower. Washing the car has been forbidden. Instructions have been given to minimize the use of toilet flush. Moreover, it has been advised not to fill the gardens and swimming pools. People have been told to recycle the bath water and reduce the use of washing machines.

Experts estimate that in April this year the city will be completely waterless. In this town, the problem of water has become such that the elders’and children are standing in the queue overnight to take water. Rain has not been here since last three years. As a result, almost all the water sources of the city have dried up. Only a limited quantity of water is being supplied hose they can only survive.

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