Deadpool wants us to Meet the ‘Cable’ !!

Deadpool wants us to Meet the ‘Cable’ !!

Ryan Reynolds brings an exciting, monomaniacal introduction to the villain in Deadpool who goes by the name of ‘Cable’. Josh Brolin plays Cable and it is rather confusing because in the other Marvel film by the name of Avengers Infinity War he plays the main bady called Thanos. Josh Brolin is apparently so talented the entire Marvel universe could not find two different people to play two different part in one franchise of the film. If at all there is a Deadpool and Avengers cross over, Reynolds would not stop taking pot shots.

Deadpool is famous for breaking the fourth wall and being aware that he is in a comic book film and operates under X-Men universe of it. Reynolds stops the trailer in between and actually talks about the bad VFX on Cable’s arm while taking a shot at Justice League when he says “It’s like removing a mustache”. Justice League actually went into some trouble for not being able to remove Henry Cavills Mustache that eh actually grew for his antagonist role in Tom Cruise’s action franchise’s latest edition by the name of Mission Impossible: Fallout which just released the trailer on super bowl and those facial hairs are looking good.

DC was criticized very much for not being able to remove some hairs from the face in the name of VFX or they did not have the time to because Josh Whedon came in last moment as the director and decided to have some additional footage in the film which could not save it from the catastrophic response from the audience. In the end of the trailer Reynolds looks right in the camera and criticizes the writers for some lazy writing and this is the kind of writing which makes Deadpool work. Deadpool might just be the most self aware film of all time.

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