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Can Mamata Banerjee bring AAP and Congress together before 2019 General Elections?

Can Mamata Banerjee bring AAP and Congress together before 2019 General Elections?

The reaction of Congress leader Ajay Maken on Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet about the Indian education of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stirred a stir in the political corridors of the capital. Kejriwal tweeted after attacking PM Modi after a long time, “People are feeling the lack of our educated Prime Minister like Manmohan Singh.” After this Delhi Congress, President Ajay Maken reacted immediately and asked why Kejriwal does not feel this while he was supporting Anna Hazare? In another tweet, Maken said, “Look at my response to Kejriwal on a three-seat offer to Congress. When the people of Delhi are constantly denying the Kejriwal government, why will we come to their support?

But in this battle of words on social media, things are more hidden than what our eyes are looking at. The Congress and AAP relations are bitter but confused. It was the anti-corruption movement of the leaders who had discharged the Congress from the Central Government but Kejriwal had to get external support from the Congress to form a government for the first time. And There is speculation that the Akali Dal had helped Congress to keep AAP away. But when it comes to the national stage, regional math become changes. An alliance of opposition parties is going to face the Narendra Modi led BJP at the national level.

So, the question arises, can AAP and the Congress join hands to fight BJP and Modi in 2019? There is an old Proverb about politics that nothing is impossible. No one thought that after the bitterness between Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav, SP and BSP will come together and form a coalition in UP Bypolls. Sources say that parties like Trinamool Congress are pressurized to come together with AAP and Congress. The praise for Mamata Banerjee for Kejriwal is known and she can play the main role for the Federal Front.

HD Kumaraswamy Swearing-in Programme+ AAP MLAs disqualification case

Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal were all together on the stage in the Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s swearing-in program, but they were careful while taking photos. Nevertheless, no matter can be denied. As per our discussion with Some Congress members, due to Maken, party’s expectations are not being fulfilled as much as they want, and it is possible that BJP is benefitting this. Why did Maken need to go to the Election Commission when he did not trust him? Was it to save BJP? (AAP MLAs disqualification case) 

Rahul Gandhi returned Sheila Dikshit again in Delhi Congress to increase winning percentage before 2019 LokSabha Elections and sho their power in Delhi. Previously, Photographs of Ajay Maken were found, while he was eating Chole Bhature in a Dhaba during the Congress’ hunger strike. 

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