Agni-5 successfully test fired in Odisha

Agni-5 successfully test fired in Odisha

India successfully test- launched its own developed nuclear missile that is capable of long range impact of about 5000 km, named Agni-5. Dr Abdul Kalam Island launched the missile off the coast of Odisha. Agni-5 was launched from a mobile launch pad umber 4 of the Integrated Test Range at Dr Abdul Kalam Island, at 9:48 pm. The launch was considered a 100% success, as it hit its intended target with accuracy. All throughout, the trajectory of the missile was tracked and monitored by radars, tracking instruments and observation, sources told PTI.

Agni-5 bolsters some unique and advanced navigation systems, Ring Laser Gyro based Inertial Navigation System or RINS, along with Micro Navigation System that are built to make the missile successful at reaching and impacting its target without fail.

Agni-5 missile is also powered by the high speed on-board computer and fault tolerant software, with strong and trustworthy bus. An advanced on board computer and navigation system keeps tab on its trajectory and speed, so that it doesn’t go off track. It can easily carry 1.5 tonne of nuclear weapon. It is 17 metre tall and two metre wide. The missile is constructed in a way, that it is going to turn toward earth after it has reached an appropriate height, and then gain speed due to the gravitational force of the planet. The path of the missile is going to be perfected by the navigation system that is put in the structure. When the missile pierces the atmosphere of the earth, as it shoots back, the atmospheric air rubs against the missile and raises its temperature to 4,000 degree Celsius. The carbon-carbon composite heat shield burns because of the heat, thus protecting the insides and helping in maintaining the appropriate temperature of less than 50 degrees.

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