BJP wins Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election 2017; Modi’s Magic sets huge victory

BJP wins Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election 2017; Modi’s Magic sets huge victory
Written by Pallavi Parmar

The BJP party has finally won Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election with the full majority today. The BJP has set the development mandate in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh state. As per the reports, the Bhartiya Janta Party has garnered 99 seats out of 192 in Gujarat while Congress is just able to sweep 80 seats. Although, the claim of some BJP leaders to win more than 150 seats does not come true. Himachal and Gujarat states have chosen development not the Casteism. However, this victory is the huge victory for the BJP while a setback for the Congress party.

After the results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections, the opposition party president Rahul Gandhi extended his congratulations to the BJP party. He also accepted his defeated and tweeted the Congress party accepts the Gujarat verdict; he also thanked the people of the Gujarat and Himachal with all of his heart for the love they showed to him. In the series of tweets, Rahul Gandhi said to people that they have made him very proud. While on another side, BJP’s president Amit Shah said it is the win of ‘Vikas’ in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Also, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who set his saffron flag on both states with Modi magic said it is the victory of Vikas which means development.

The supporters of the Bharatiya Janta Party are drooling over Twitter with their wishes to PM Modi and other party leaders. The celebration of the victory over two states has marked all over India. It is a huge victory for BJP in Himachal Pradesh after defeating incumbent Congress over the mandate of development. However, the Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP from Himachal Pradesh has lost his seat from Sujanpur, but it does not affect the victory of BJP. On another hand, BJP has again got majority across Gujarat after defeating anti-incumbency factor. Now, saffron colour is flagging over Himachal and Gujarat with full majority.

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