Bigg Boss 11: Everyone except Hina gets nominated

Bigg Boss 11: Everyone except Hina gets nominated

As the number of contestants dwindle in the house, the Gharwalas have now become dependant on each other and planning to get the strongest contenders eliminated. Hina, or as her name is spoken in code, Hong Kong becomes the first target of planning by the contestants, mainly Puneesh, Shilpa and Arshi, who plan to nominate her so that she will get a chance to get eliminated this week. Aakash, on the other hand, begins breaking the rules of his punishment and eats food, even though he was warned by the Bigg Boss not to do so. Other code names for the contestants are, muscle for Priyank, crab for Aakash.

However, another shock soon comes to all the scheming crashes down upon them, as Bigg Boss announces to nominate everyone in the house, except the main target herself Hina.

Bigg Boss then shows the videos of all the planning and plotting that was going on about the nominations for this week.

Aakash, obviously is the first person to get mad at other contestants for trying to get him eliminated. He also changes his bed. Hina says that nobody came to her for planning and plotting because everyone knows that she’s going to do what she wants.

Aakash then begins to overreact as usual, telling everyone to stop talking to him. He stands on a table, wearing a pajama and dances.

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