Bihar Diwas, a day to celebrate the state

Bihar Diwas, a day to celebrate the state
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bihar Duwas or Bihar Day is celebrated each year, on March 22 2018, because on 22 March 1912, the state was formed. The British also state also separated it from Bengal Presidency in 1912. Bihar Diwas has been a popular day since Chief Minister came into power, and is often an occasion to celebrate the legacy of the state, along with promoting its culture. Bihar Diwas is considered a public holiday by the state government, and this applies to all the organizations, companies and schools that come under the jurisdiction of the state and central government. Bihar, the word, is taken from the Vihara, which can be translated to monastery, which turns it into a sacred word.

Bihar is the 13th laergest state of India, and its capital is Patna. It is also the third largest state in terms of population. Bihar has always been an essential part of the Indian History and culture, as it has a rich hub of learning, traditions and knowledge of the Maurya Empire, and the connection to the Buddhist ideology, that had an impact on the place, and across different places in the Nation.

Even though it is perceived as lagging behind in terms of development, the state has made various strides in terms of education and considerable reduction in the crime rates, while also exposing the criminal, corrupted underbelly that lies within it.

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