Arvind Kejriwal hikes salaries of NHM workers by 100 percent

Arvind Kejriwal hikes salaries of NHM workers by 100 percent

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal agreed to increase salaries of NHM (National Health Mission) workers by up to 100 percent, in a move seen as a political appeasement to end the recent agaitation. In a tweet, Kejriwal expressed that he has agreed to every demands of the workers and shared the news with them this morning bringing joy and applause of everyone in the room. The NHM employees from Madhya Pradesh had gone under strike when they couldn’t agree to the compulsory written and appraisal for the staff.

Arvind Kejriwal, however has raised payment of the NHM workers and this should make them very satisfied with their needs and now that all the promises have been met. Nation Health Mission organization works for the betterment of health issues in the rural areas of India, or places where people can’t afford costly medical care. The initiative was launched in 2005, by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and comprised of 18 states that were deemed to involve villages and rural places where the medical facilities were scarce.

The new raise will surely please many people but there have been some raised eyebrows over Kejriwal’s decision to attend the ceremony, while Delhi is still clinging to its survival in the smog and almost no steps have been take to control it.

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