Delhi-Gohana National Highway accident, four people injured

Delhi-Gohana National Highway accident, four people injured

There has been another accident of the Delhi-Gohana National Highway, and four people have been injured. This is another accident, after the two tragic and horrifying incidents that left several people injured and a few children dead. Yesterday, there had been an accident on the Yamuna Expressway, with 24 vehicles colliding into each other, that occurred because the drivers couldn’t see into the smog and, as a result plowed right into vehicle ahead of them. Another road-car accident, in Bhatinda, Punjab was also caused by Smog and left 8 people, including children dead when a car came tearing through the thick white fog and the driver was unable to see that the children and other people were waiting at the side of the road for their bus.

This is again, an unfortunate incident that could’ve been avoided if there was some way to control the fog. The air conditions in Delhi and the surrounding areas have still not improved and the government hasn’t done anything substantial for the relief of the people.

The Smog has been proven to be hazardous for children, elders, people with breathing diseases and anyone who remains outside for too long. People have been advised to stay at home, or, if they really have to go out, put on a breathing mask which will give them some relief from the smog.

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