Anxiety And Depression How To Handle it According To Mental Health Experts

Anxiety And Depression How To Handle it According To Mental Health Experts
Written by Srishty Puri

We all know that mental health awareness is very important to curb the ailments, disorders and stigmas prevalent in the society. A feeling of fear or apprehension which generally leads to stress is most commonly found amongst children and adolescent . Depression on the other is not just a feeling of dejection and sadness but involves deep psychology inherent in it . People are going through various hardships and challanges and sometimes are not able to develop positive attitude towards their life which however,leads to suicidal tendencies. It’s main causes are low self esteem , cognitive and psychological disorders,mood disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.It is often claimed that overload of emotions lead to mental illness and can be treated by neurologist via surgery or in ancient times via exorcism. People suffering from it tends to forget that they are an fully autonomous beings and their decisions can be assertive. They have just forgotten their self independence, worth and capability while evaluating other social beings.

Bullying one or the other on the basis of caste , creed , gender and religion or making a target ie victimization often leads to more dangerous results . When there is nobody to listen a child because of his mental problem while at the same time he/she needs careful handling then there are chances that a person can go to any length whether it is injuring himself/herself or developing a disorder.They are at higher risk of substance abuse ie alcohol , cocaine , weed etc. Children most commonly internalise the depression .The scattered piece of memory comes in mere fragments so it becomes a herculean task to judge whether the child is suffering from depression or not as their neurobiological effects in mind are not fully developed.The stress which is good for you and motivates you is known as Eu-stress For instance, before the commencement of exams a child knows that there is pressure and he must burn midnight oil to achieve desirious effect but if that stress leads to nausea ,perturbation and nervousness then its not good for you . Genetic and most importanly enviornment factors are responsible for anxiety disorder.It includes generalized anxiety diorder , panick attacks , increased heart rate ,agrophobia and selective mutism . A child may go on the stage but is unable to organise his thoughts in order to express it because of stage phobia or phobia of the public. In this case they are very much concerned about their image and what others has to say.Child abuse , twin personality disorder or identity problems lead to anxiety diorder of many kinds.

If we evaluate the data then what we find is that in this cut throat competitions of exams ,race of life to get jobs ,eradicate unemployment and poverty children are not allowed to play more and specifically focussed and oriented toward their career.Moving forward in life is very good but one must not forget that health must be given the foremost importance “Health is Wealth”. If an individual is not doing any physical activity then its likely for the body to have functioning problems . No blood circulation and weak immune system is not something one should long for . As it is rightly said “Only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We need to become smart so effectively manage your time and lifestyle.Cognitive Behaviour therapy , Interpersonal therapy and psychological counselling can resolve the issue . Other ways such as medications,good social construct and diet with omega3acids , fruits and vegetables helps fight against it and get over it.

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