Amit Shah in Guwahati, attacks Congress for Assam’s development issues

Amit Shah in Guwahati, attacks Congress for Assam’s development issues

BJP party leader, Amit Shah is attending the 3rd conclave of North East Democratic Alliance being held in Guwahati. His visit was preceded by protests by people, which led to the arrest of RTI Activist Akhil Gogoi. He was protesting against the Citizen (Amendment Bill), 2016. Akhil had encouraged the people to protest against Amit Shah by hoisting black flags so as to send him a stern message, regarding the act. Amit Shah gave a speech, and wasn’t behind, before he attacked the opposition party Congress. He argued that before Independence of the country, Assam had the highest GDP in the country, and that the whole of North East used to visit the state. But after the country gained freedom, Assam had a difficulty in maintaining growth, for which Amit Shah holds Congress party accountable.

Gogoi was arrested nearby Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra, as he was protesting Shah’s arrival. He said that the protest was peaceful, and the BJP government was getting him arrested in a wrongful manner, which was decidedly undemocratic. He still encouraged his fellow people to unite and keep protesting the act, with the use of black flags.

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling is not going to attend the enclave, instead, he sent representatives from the party for the event.

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