World Bee day: An occasion to spread awareness and protect the pollinators

World Bee day: An occasion to spread awareness and protect the pollinators

May 20th 2018, is the first ever World Bee Day. It has been declared by the United Nations, in an effort to bring awareness about the Bees and other pollinators, and to save them from going extinct because of pollution. The chemicals in the air that rise from the industries, and vehicles around the world, cause damage to the bees and other pollinators. It is necessary that steps be taken to preserve them, pollination is responsible for the growth of crops and food that is consumed by the humans, with one in every three edible food, the result of pollination that is carried out by bees.

However, as Urbanization of the world has weakened and damaged the various habitats of the bees, thus making their survival difficult, as the air gets clogged with smoke and dust, choking their nets.

Bees need a natural, and pollution free home to be able to survive and pollinate, but the crops are often sprinkled with certain pesticides, to avoid the threat of animals and insects, but in return, they prove fatal for the bees. It makes harder for them to carry Nector to their hives. The colonies of bees have also suffered, and the population of bees has decreased too. It is now essential to think about the ways to tackle the situations and improving the habitats of the bees. It could also be helpful if the pesticides that are poured over the crops, were not poisonous, or there was another way to keep the animals away from them.


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