Actor Prakash Raj sent a Legal Notice to Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha

Actor Prakash Raj sent a Legal Notice to Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Actor Prakash Raj, While speaking to the media he said that he sent a legal notice to Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha for trolling. Prakash said that comments made by Pratap Simha disturbed his personal life. He also has been seen as vocal against the Prime Minister and the BJP on social media. In September, on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, Prakash Raj had said, “Our Prime Minister follows certain people on Twitter who are very brutal, and we have him closed his eyes to it. I am hurt and afraid of the silence of my Prime Minister (on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh).

To which Simha said that if the law and order failed in the state, what could the Prime Minister do. BJP MP said that the actor Prakash was Gauri Lankesh’s friend and also said, “The actor did not speak a word during Cauvery dispute also.”

On Wednesday, the actor Prakash Raj requested the government to provide protection to people of the film industry. He also said on the suicide of the producer Ashok Kumar as he committed suicide on Tuesday. “The suicide of Tollywood film producer Ashok Kumar was a clear indication of the condition in the film industry,” said Prakash Raj in media.

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