Pradyuman murder case: Ashok Kumar accuses police of torture in Jail

Pradyuman murder case: Ashok Kumar accuses police of torture in Jail

Ashok Kumar, the bus conductor who was accused of the murder of Pradyuman, and bailed yesterday, has now accused the police of torturing him in jail in order to get a confession of murder. Ashok told his wife that he was beaten, hung upside down and told that he has to confess the accusation, and if he does, no harm will come to him. He also also told that there has been havoc all over India because of the murder and he must take responsibility of it. His confession has now put a spotlight on the Harayana police, who were already being blamed for botched up evidence in the case.

Ashok Kumar has also said that he was drugged so that the policemen could get a confession from him without his consent. Again, the police men handling the case are being targeted as being culpable in the gross misinterpretation of evidence, torture and forcing an innocent person for accepting a crime he didn’t commit.

The authorities are still to react about the confession, but this revelation has certainly given a new light in which to see the Pradyuman case, because if Police didn;t have evidence against him, why was he held against his wished and prosecuted wrongly? It seems more information about the case will be made available soon, as the authorities take charge of the situation.

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