Zaira Wasim Molestation case: Accused man produced before court

Zaira Wasim Molestation case: Accused man produced before court

Vikas Sachdeva, the man who was accused by actress Zaira Wasim for molesting her on flight, has been produced before the court. He has been sent to the judicial custody and will be presented to the court on December 22. He has also filed a plea for Bail, and the court is going to listen to the case on December 15. The case that started out with an Instagram video made by Wasim has been propelled to the nation wide news as everyone is taking a part in the discussion about what constitutes of sexual molestation, what was the right thing for Wasim to do in the situation and what is going to happen to the accused man.

Vikas has already said that he had no intention of abusing or molesting Zaira, and he had also apologized to her when his leg first touched her back and neck. However, Zaira was left very disturbed as she took her stance upon the social media. As she was crying, she said that she was very upset, and that no one is going to help the girls who are molested and abused by men. Vikas’s wife, in turn, has now slammed Wasim of blowing the situation out of proportion and seeking free publicity at the cost of another man’s life.

Although, the court has yet to take a decision on the case, Vikas was taken into custody after a report was lodged against him in police, and even though he has clarified the situation from his point of view, it has only worsened for him. However, everyone has jumped on the occasion to make their points, as people have also criticized Wasim for being dishonest and over dramatic. Nothing is too clear right now, and the court is going to take a decision after hearing from both sides and looking at the evidence that is presented to it.

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