Hardik Patel asks PM Modi Why he did not meet his mother during Gujarat Election campaign

Hardik Patel asks PM Modi Why he did not meet his mother during Gujarat Election campaign

Ahead of the Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 the major parties BJP and Congress campaign led war of words. Today, the Patidar’s leader Hardik Patel Hardik Patel asks Why PM Modi did not meet his mother even he conducted several rallies in Gujarat. The war of words in Gujarat between the parties has aroused controversy for the development of Gujarat. And in this war of words and conspiracy, Hardik Patel the leader of Patidar Andolan extended his support to Congress for seeking reservations of the Patel’s. As the Congress in their Gujarat Manifesto have promised to provide reservations to Patel’s similar to OBC and minorities.

In the wake of Patel’s reservation, Hardik Patel continued to support Congress with their unacceptable comments over BJP leaders. Today, Hardik Patel come over with a comment that PM Modi did not meet his mother Hiraba. He said PM Modi extended campaign in Gujarat but not remembered his Goddess of Durga. On another side, PM Modi on his Twitter made the emotional appeal from the Gujaratians. He urged all the Gujaratians to vote in record number on the 14th December. In the series of tweets, PM Modi wrote that he calls upon the people of Gujarat to not only give the BJP an overwhelming majority but to ensure that BJP wins in every polling booth across Gujarat.

However, the tremendous Gujarat Election Campaign has over. And the second phase of the elections to take place tomorrow across Gujarat. In this second phase of Gujarat elections around 851 candidates in the row to fight for 93 seats of the Gujarat Assembly. The first phase campaign of the Gujarat Assembly elections marked conspiracy, slander and worse comments. However, the second phase campaign is not less than the first as the comments on each other parties are still sparking out. This blame game over Gujarat would end on 18th December after the countings.

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